General Terms and Conditions Haus Jomeity


Article 1. Definitions
1.1. In these general terms and conditions the following definitions shall apply:
a. HAUS JOMEITY: a 3-room flat in Sillian, owned by Aart Bout and Marjonelle Meindersma, residing at Kobalt 5, 3894 DB in Zeewolde. HAUS JOMEITY is the user of these general terms and conditions and is referred to here for convenience as the cooperation party.
b. booking agreement: the agreement whereby HAUS JOMEITY undertakes towards the booker to provide the accommodation it offers.
c. main booker: the natural person who books or wishes to book accommodation with HAUS JOMEITY.
d. booker:
1. the main booker
2. the person for whom the accommodation is reserved
3. the person to whom the legal relationship to HAUS JOMEITY has been transferred in accordance with article 10 of these general terms and conditions.
e. working day: Monday to Friday.
f. office hours: working days from 09.00 to 17.00, excluding national holidays
g. website: the website managed by the owners.

Article 2. General
2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, quotations and bookings of HAUS JOMEITY.
2.2. These general terms and conditions also apply where HAUS JOMEITY has a reservation agreement with the main booker, but where use has to be made of third parties.

2.3. Any deviations from these general terms and conditions shall only be valid if expressly agreed in writing or electronically.
2.4. If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions should at any time be wholly or partially void or nullified, the remaining provisions of these general terms and conditions shall remain fully applicable. The void or nullified provisions will be replaced by HAUS JOMEITY, taking into account as much as possible the purpose and meaning of the original provision(s).
2.5. If HAUS JOMEITY does not always demand strict compliance with these general terms and conditions, this does not mean that the provisions do not apply, or that HAUS JOMEITY would to any extent lose the right to demand strict compliance with the provisions of these general terms and conditions in other cases.
2.6. As representative of HAUS JOMEITY in Sillian, the appointed caretaker is Mr Maximilian Aichner. Upon your arrival at the accommodation, he will hand you the house keys to the flat. His telephone number is: 0043 699 888 124 65.
Please contact the caretaker 30 minutes before your arrival in Sillian. 


Article 3. Offers and quotations
3.1. HAUS JOMEITY cannot be held to its quotations or offers or other publications if the booker can reasonably understand that the quotations or offers or other publications, or part thereof, contain an obvious mistake or slip of the pen.
3.2. HAUS JOMEITY may be forced to withdraw a certain offer temporarily or permanently.
3.3. Offers or quotations do not automatically apply to future bookings.

Article 4. Realisation of the booking agreement
4.1. Via the website the desired booking in HAUS JOMEITY can be indicated by filling in the contact form. After receipt of the desired booking by HAUS JOMEITY, if the accommodation is available, the main booker will receive a confirmation via e-mail in the form of an invoice, including a reference to these general terms and conditions. The booking agreement is concluded after the main booker has paid the invoice within seven days of sending it to the main booker. If the accommodation is not available, the interested party will be notified.4.2. The booking agreement shall begin and end according to definite time specified in the booking agreement
4.3. The principal booker is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the booking agreement.
4.4. The principal booker provides all relevant details about himself and his travelling companions at the time of booking.
4.5. If the principal booker has expressed certain preferences when concluding the booking agreement, these preferences will be taken into account as far as possible. However, no rights can be derived from this.

Article 5. Accommodation
5.1. The minimum stay is 2 nights.
5.2. The accommodation can be used from 15.00 hours on the day of arrival.
5.3. The accommodation must be vacated before 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.
5.4. If the booker does not appear on the agreed day of arrival until 19.00 hours, without any notification to the caretaker or owner of HAUS JOMEITY, there is no obligation to allow the guest to stay, except if a later arrival time was agreed in advance.
5.5. Pets are not allowed in HAUS JOMEITY.
5.6. If the booker wishes to extend their stay, the booker should contact the owner of HAUS JOMEITY to discuss the options and if possible, additional costs will be charged for this extension.


Article 6. Payment
When the booking agreement is concluded, the invoice sent to the main booker must be paid in full within seven days of the invoice being sent.


Article 7. Booking price
7.1. The published price applies per night for the entire accommodation and is based on 5 guests using the accommodation, unless otherwise stated in the publication.
7.2. The listed price includes only the services and facilities as published on the website.
7.3. Not included in the booking price is the cost of two additional travelling companions. A supplement of € 20 per person/per booked night is charged for this.

Article 8. Cancellation by HAUS JOMEITY
8.1. HAUS JOMEITY can only cancel the booking agreement due to important circumstances communicated without delay. HAUS JOMEITY shall notify the main booker of the cancellation in writing or by e-mail without delay, giving reasons.
8.2. If HAUS JOMEITY cancels due to circumstances not attributable to the booker, the booker shall have the choice between:
a. either the acceptance of a new booking offer, without having to pay a supplement.
b. or the refund, as soon as possible, of the travel sum paid by him under the booking agreement.


Article 9. Cancellation by the participant
9.1. The cancellation conditions take effect on the day the booking agreement is concluded (Article 4).
9.2. A cancellation must be made in writing or by e-mail. In the event of a written cancellation by the booker, the date of the postmark will apply as the date of cancellation. In case of a cancellation by e-mail, the date of receipt of the e-mail applies as the date of cancellation.
9.3. Date of cancellation is that working day HAUS JOMEITY receives the cancellation; cancellations outside office hours are deemed to have been made on the next working day.
9.4. The booker has the possibility to cancel the booking agreement free of charge within fourteen days before arrival.
9.5. If a booking agreement is cancelled by the booker, within 14 days before arrival, the booker will pay the total price and will not receive a refund of the travel sum.

Article 10. Relocation
10.1. Timely before the start of the booking, the main booker can be replaced by another person. This is subject to the following conditions:
a. the other person meets all the conditions attached to the booking agreement and
b. the request is submitted no later than 7 days before departure, or in time for the necessary actions and formalities to be carried out and
c. the conditions of the service providers involved in the performance do not oppose this substitution.

10.2. The main booker and the person who replaces him are jointly and severally liable to HAUS JOMEITY for the payment of the travel price that may still be due.

Article 11. Insurance
11.1. HAUS JOMEITY does not accept liability for damages for which usual travel and cancellation insurance policies of the booker provide cover.

Article 12. Age
The minimum age for making a booking, is 18 years.

Article 13. Liability
13.1. A claim for compensation by the traveller for loss of holiday enjoyment, if HAUS JOMEITY can be held liable, shall never exceed a maximum of once the total holiday price.

Article 14. Force majeure
14.1. Force majeure means abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances independent of the will of the party invoking it, the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautionary measures, such as, but certainly not limited to, weather conditions, natural disasters, traffic impediments closures, strikes, political conditions, war, riots, terrorism, mechanical breakdown, floods, animal behaviour, power failure, fire, theft, illness of the natural person executing the travel contract on behalf of HAUS JOMEITY or on behalf of the service provider engaged by HAUS JOMEITY, government measures.                                                                                                                                                                                        14.2. Force majeure shall also mean a non-attributable failure of a service provider engaged by HAUS JOMEITY.

Article 15. Obligations of the participant
15.1. The booker is obliged to avoid or minimise any damage to the accommodation.
15.2. Costs resulting from damage and/or destruction caused in the accommodation by the booker and/or his travelling companions will, insofar as they cannot be recovered from the perpetrator(s), be paid by the principal booker who registered the travelling companions.
15.3. In the event of loss or misplacement of the keys entrusted to the booker to the house and front door of the accommodation, the booker will be charged €20. For the key to the parking garage, in case of loss or missing, € 60,- will be charged.