Privacy Statement  HAUS JOMEITY

Haus Jomeity considers the protection of personal data essential. We therefore process your data with the utmost care. With this privacy statement, we inform you on how we handle personal data.

1. Who is responsible for the processing of your data?
Haus Jomeity is a flat in Sillian in Ost-Tirol, Austria, which the owners Aart Bout and Marjonelle Meindersma rent out to interested parties.
In this privacy statement, the owners (hereinafter 'Haus Jomeity' or 'we') describe how they, as data controller, handle your personal data. We further refer to 'booker' when you book the accommodation.

2. Which personal data do we process?
When you book the accommodation, we process the following personal data: your name, address, place of residence, telephone number, date of birth and e-mail address. You can withdraw your consent to store these data at any time, but this will not guarantee your booking.

3. Processing data of persons under 18 years of age.
We do not intend to collect data from persons under 18 years of age.

Reason for processing personal data
We collect general personal data to perform our services in the best possible way.


4. Reason for processing personal data
We collect general personal data to perform our services in the best possible way.
. If you book Haus Jomeity, we may be in contact with you prior, during and after your stay.
. You will receive an invoice following your booking.
. We may send you an evaluation form at the end of your booking. If you fill it in and send it back, the experiences you give us will be processed and used to improve our services.
. We may send you our newsletter and keep you informed of our further activities.


5. Sharing with third parties
We will not share your personal information with other organisations in the Netherlands and abroad, unless we are legally obliged or authorised to do so.
We do not collect personal data, which we could obtain from other organisations.

6. How long do we keep data?
We keep personal data for as long as you show interest in Haus Jomeity. If there has been no contact for five years, the owners remove your data from our files, unless it appears that we are legally obliged to keep your data longer.

7. What are your rights?
. You always have the right to access, correct and delete your data. To do so, please contact the owners of Haus Jomeity. Excessive requests we may decide not to handle.
. You have the right to object to the use of your data to keep you informed of our activities.
. You have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent privacy regulator.

You can only exercise your rights to the extent granted to you by law. To ensure that you make a request to inspect your data yourself, we ask that you enclose a copy of your proof of identity with this request. Your passport number and Citizen Service Number (BSN) need not be visible and can be made unrecognizable.

8. Security of data
Haus Jomeity will store data at the highest level of security achievable for us. We will make every effort to prevent misuse, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes.

9. Other
. Haus Jomeity does not use automated decision-making or profiling.
. Haus Jomeity does not carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as there is no high privacy risk for its customers.
No systematic and comprehensive personal aspects are evaluated
No large-scale processing of personal data takes place.
Haus Jomeity does not have a large and systematic tracking system of publicly accessible areas
. If it becomes necessary to change the way we collect personal data or the amount and/or composition of data, we reserve the right to amend this privacy statement. If necessary, we will inform you of this.

10. Contact
As we do not meet the criteria of the AVG to appoint a Data Protection Officer, for questions and comments regarding this privacy statement you can contact:

Haus Jomeity, Kobalt 5, 3894 DB Zeewolde, The Netherlands
Telephone: 06-12044215
Mail address: